At Sundance
At Jack Daniel's BBQ Contest
At a Hotel in New Orleans
Judging at the CIA
With David Wondrich (right)
Cooking Salmon at the CIA
Having Tea at the St. Regis


Magnificent Utz Pretzels
At a Bar in Vancouver
A Cooper (sepia filter applied)
Amarula fruit in Africa
Jam & Jelly Post-Taste Test
Strawberries in Barcelona
Agave in Mexico
Chopped Agave
Meat Market in Vancouver
Sausage in Vancouver's Chinatown
Wine Barrels in Italy
Grapes in Italy
A Vineyard in Alto Adige
Baked Goods in Italy
Chicken Soup
Cold Cuts Plated
A Dessert at Tim Raue's in Berlin
Moët & Chandon Party
Apple from My Garden
Mom's Turkey Nicely Charred
Fruit in Barcelona


Crossing a Bridge in Rome
At the Colosseum
Typical Breakfast in Rome's Hotels
Cool Street in Florence
Gorgeous Wall in Rome
Crowds at Jack Daniel's BBQ Contest
Berlin Old and New